Dungeon Market: The Ballad of Shady Greg
Review LitRPG

Dungeon Market

Shady Greg, with a terminal case of the stupids, returns and manages to blunder his way through yet another troubled time for his business. Shady Greg is both the savviest entrepreneur in the world of Jadera and also the most […]

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[2] Nullform 2꞉ Nullform Series, Book 2
Review Horror

Nullform #2

Waking up after the events of the first, Elb finds himself quickly gaining strength and reputation among the inhabitants of the Outskirts. The life he awoke to in the first isn’t one he can tolerate, either for himself or the

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[1] Nullform #1꞉ Nullform Series, Book 1
Horror Review

Nullform #1

Imagine waking up in a world where you don’t own your own limbs, and you have no personal memories from your life before. You rent them from “the system”, so before you’ve even woken, you’re already in debt. Can’t pay

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[1] Re Start꞉ Level Up Series, Book 1
Review LitRPG


Re-Start, book 1 of the Level Up Series by Dan Sugralinov takes an unexpected approach to the LitRPG genre, blending everyday life with game elements. Yes, there are plenty of examples of this, but this is more slice-of-life LitRPG than

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[3] Lich, Please꞉ Liches Get Stitches, Book 3
Review Fantasy

Lich, Please

The adventures of Maud, the lich in resident of a severely haunted castle in the middle of a spooky forest are ones I look forward to immensely. Things are really starting to get spicy, with grumpy paladins trying to kill

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