[3] Lich, Please꞉ Liches Get Stitches, Book 3

Lich, Please

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The adventures of Maud, the lich in resident of a severely haunted castle in the middle of a spooky forest are ones I look forward to immensely. Things are really starting to get spicy, with grumpy paladins trying to kill her, loads and loads of highly infectious undead trying to kill her subjects, and that darn rival lich Lord Janvier out to get her.

Maud just wants to live her un-life (afterlife?) in peace. Do some embroidery. Maybe a little knitting. Tend to her garden of ghost flowers and fertilise them with rotting body parts. But no, she has to deal with bothersome things, such is the life of a ruler. Or, as she puts it: “Empress of the Seven Sapphire Isles, the Goddess of Downing Forest, Rule of the Abyssal Lands, and Crusher of Annoying Lich’s dreams.”

As a character I can’t help but like her. Narration by Ella Lynch absolutely nails her character as far as I am concerned. The slightly posh English accent on a lich who narrates dismembering bodies with the same cozy zeal as she does when she’s talking of embroidery.

One rather interesting frustration I had with this, and it’s honestly a credit to the author, is how desperately I needed to get to the end of the story! The tension towards the end is so superbly built I was genuinely fearful for Maud and what might happen. At one point I even bumped the playback speed up a few notches because I was desperate to know how everything played out!

Audio quality was again spot on, and as mentioned Ella Lynch is the perfect voice for Maud.

I was rather delighted to find out that book four – Lich Hunt – is already out in Audiobook, so I’ll be dropping a credit on that one soon. More adventures with Maud for me!


Humorous, Fantasy, Comedic Horror, Cozy, Female Narrator, First-Person
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