[3] The Prince Goes Nuclear꞉ Ben's Damn Adventure, Book 3

The Prince Goes Nuclear

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The Prince Goes Nuclear? More like the Prince goes batshit like a coked-up crazy person. The story continues on well from book two and actually moved the whole thing forwards. My main complaint with book two was it didn’t seem to go anywhere. This one, meanwhile, did get some questions answered, moved the plot forward, and set up more things for the future.

A good follow on that actually seemed to move forward find themselves in front of the dubious legal system of Solas. A strange system where the most power person wins (might makes right, I guess), so lawyers are constantly battling to the death outside in the legal district.

With the whole crooked city after the spoils from the team knocking over the citadel in the previous book, things look grim. Maybe a time loop will help? Actually, the looping is a good device to explore various paths the character could take without actually committing to anything.

Marriage? Sure, it’ll be over next time round. Maybe diplomacy? Sure, if you don’t mind being executed a lot. What about an Alladin-style parade of wonders? Or clown sharks? Or actual nuclear weapons being used against monsters? Lots to choose from!

Johnathan McClain and his usual over-the-top style of delivery are perfect for the humour and style of this story. The production quality was good, and I didn’t make any note of any obvious background noises or other issues.

One thing that did get annoying were the broken system messages whenever Ben got a message. Like “##&$#&@!!!$*” being read out “hashtag hashtag ampersand dollar sign…” etc, which got a little annoying. Reading out long strings of characters tended to have me reaching for the skip button. In some books, McClain seemingly (jokingly) gets more annoyed when reading stuff like “???” (question mark, question MARK, QUESTION MARK – for example) which this could have used more of.

Lots of real laugh-out-loud moments, a great cast of characters, and a fun, interesting storyline. Bring on the next one!


Adventure, Humorous, Fantasy, Aliens, Gamelit, Male Narrator
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