[2] Nullform 2꞉ Nullform Series, Book 2

Nullform #2

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Waking up after the events of the first, Elb finds himself quickly gaining strength and reputation among the inhabitants of the Outskirts. The life he awoke to in the first isn’t one he can tolerate, either for himself or the other people trapped in the hellish world where you rent your limbs from the system, and basically rely on it to keep you alive.

With his two loyal recruits, Yorka and Bask, Elb is determined that things could be better if only someone would clean up the place and make people accountable for their actions.

His next target? The cursed bridge, and the troll that lives beneath it. Down there, somewhere in the poisonous fog, is someone, or something, responsible for turning people into pigs along with a string of other really horrible things.

The system, aka “Mother” or the eye in the sky, seems to agree with Elb’s plan. The dome hasn’t been able to see down beneath the bridge for a very long time. The lack of Mother’s oversight means all manner of horrors can happen down there without repercussions.

Like the first, this was disturbing with its imagery or the nightmare world. The troll is particular horrendous, so again not for the squeamish. The story continues to evolve nicely and with a few new interesting developments.

Maybe the lack of memories of your life before can be overcome. What will this reveal about Elb? I’m excited to find out, not gonna lie! There’s obviously something different about him, since unlike everyone else in the system-controlled hell, he’s actually competent and gives a shit.

The production level of this one seemed better than the first. I didn’t make any notes on background noises like I did with the first, so that’s always a plus. Narration again was good, nothing more to add to what I said in the first review.

I’m tempted to buy the next in the series and keep going until I run out of books, but I think I’ll be better off spreading them out a little.


Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Cyberpunk, Post-Apocalyptic, Male Narrator
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