I guess the fact that I'm still listening to a series that's nine stories deep should be enough of a clue of how much I enjoy this murderous mimic and... read more

Big Sneaky Barbarian 2

Book 2 of Big Sneaky Barbarian felt rather disconnected from the first book> Sure, we still have Loon, the supposedly sneaky barbarian with anger issues and snark for days, and... read more

The Dark Lord Bert

Short, silly and very easy to get into, The Dark Lord Bert is LitRPG but only in a very loose sense. Set inside a game world where the players know... read more

Cinnamon Bun: Volume 5

Another enjoyable (if slower) outing with the Broccoli Bunch. One of the larger story arcs seems to get wrapped up or at least partly solved. It's hard to say since... read more

One Bad Roll

One Bad Roll, the first book in a new series by Ryan Rimmel (author of the Noobtown series), has the same level of humour, wit, and irreverence as Noobtown, which... read more


Following book seven (which still feels like a filler book despite me having returned to a couple of times for a relisten), this latest addition is a true return to... read more

Underpowered Howard

Underpowered Howard, written by John L. Monk, is a fun, engaging story inside a virtual world. Set in a game called Heroes of Mythian, a game world where retirees exchange... read more

He Who Fights with Monsters 5

I've been purposefully putting off He Who Fights with Monsters 5 after the less-than-stellar outing from book four. As mentioned in my previous review, the pace and story had taken... read more

Dungeon Mercantile

Having a credit going spare and needing to spend it to earn a $10 credit from Audible, I took a chance on one I'd been a little hesitant on -... read more

Cinnamon Bun: Volume 4

Cinnamon Bun Volume 4, written by RavensDagger and narrated by Reba Buhr, was a nice return to form after volume three. While that seemed slow, this one ticked along at... read more

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