[2] Buymort꞉ Smart Shopper꞉ How I Became The Accidental Warlord Of Arizona꞉ Shopocalypse Saga, Book 2

BuyMort: Smart Shopper

How I Became the Accidental Warlord of Arizona

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Technically, this is a review of both book 2 and book 3 – BuyMort: Rise of the Window Puncher – because I was so entrenched into the story I had to instantly hit play on book 3 and keep it going. Yes, I’m enjoying the series that much! Continuing on from where book 1 ended, we get the next few days in the life of Tyson Dawes and the community he is trying to build in the wake of BuyMort coming to town.

The sleem (like a gelatinous cube from DnD) are mostly under control and with the proper handling they’ll start to make Tyson’s BuyMort affiliate – Silken Sands – a tidy profit. Except for the old owner of the trailer park, Mr Sada who keeps messing it all up for them.

We get some new aliens (again DnD style) in the form of a beholder and some dark elves, along with some gnolls and the goblins already running around. Slowly, everything is starting to come together… if only they could somehow stop the near-infinite bugs from attacking their compound each morning. Oh, and the Dearth Conglomerate who own every other scrap of land surrounding them.

Much like book 1, the narration by Wayne Mitchell was okay. His female voices still left something to be desired, and some of the alien voices he does can be difficult to understand at times. He suits Tyson well, though and since it’s mostly told from his perspective it works. Production issues still exist, with many noticeable background noises throughout – mostly shuffling types of sounds this time. This is true for book 3 as well.

The escalation of events into book 3 is what kept me listening for hours and hours at a time. Thankfully, I was on vacation so could lounge around while cramming in as much of this story as possible. A new character or two and a satisfying conclusion to the story arc that’s been in play all the way through.

Some excellent behind-the-scenes look into the world before BuyMort and how they exist throughout the multiverse flesh out more of the lore. Certainly not for the squeamish, but this far in you know Tyson is going to get shot, shredded, and/or disembowelled on a daily basis.

It’s funny to think everything so far in all three novels has taken place over the span of one week. So much story and action are packed in, and the hours just fly by for me.

I see that there are a few more books in the series, but alas not on audio at time of writing. Oh well! That’ll give me time to listen to something else! I will be following the author on Audible though so I can get the next one as soon as it drops!


Humorous, Fantasy, Dystopian, Aliens
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