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One Bad Roll
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One Bad Roll

Fifth Era Apocalypse #1

One Bad Roll, the first book in a new series by Ryan Rimmel (author of the Noobtown series), has the same level of humour, wit, and irreverence as Noobtown, which is just what I was looking for. Rimmel's humour tends towards the slightly low-brow end much of the time, and there are plenty of pop-culture winks and nods along the way, as well as references to his other novels (puma check, anyone?) «more»



The last human alive in an infinite universe. In Relic, by Alan Dean Foster, we follow the life of a man named Ruslan who survived the "Aura Malignance" where billions of others didn't. The smart virus burned through the human race in record time. On every once-populated world scattered throughout the spiral arm of the galaxy, only he remained... and then, first contact finally happened. «more»


A Wizard's Guide to Defensive Baking

When life gives your lemons, make lemonade. So when life gives you a magical ability that only works on bread, get baking! Need dancing gingerbread men? Easy. Stop that loaf of bread from going stale? Check. Turn a sourdough starter into a vicious, rat-eating horror that lurks in the basement? Er... sure. In this world of magic, most wizards are treated with suspicion and wariness. Mostly. Depends on the kingdom. In Mona's slice of the world, they're generally free to do their own thing... until they start to show up dead. «more»


Interstellar Gunrunner: The Complete Series

I recently stumbled upon the Interstellar Gunrunner series by James Wolanyk after it was recommended in a Reddit thread. I'll admit this wasn't on my radar at all. I'd never seen anything about it or the author. Audible didn't recommend it as an also-bought or anything like that. I literally found out about this because someone was trying to remember the name of the book (spoiler! it was this). They'd given heaps of data, yet nothing seemed to match up. Some ten days after the original post, I got an update ping with the answer to the question... and oh boy am I glad they stuck with it! «more»


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