Secret Places

Introducing the acclaimed Greg Geldard Norfolk Mysteries—your gateway to an enthralling world! Join Tristan Smith, a goat farmer, cheese maker, and weaver, tending her North Yorkshire smallholding, when the unexpected... read more

Listen While You Lego

For people with kids, it likely comes as no surprise when I say that Lego bricks can accumulate in great numbers over time. In our house, my kids have enjoyed... read more

Corporate Journeyman

[Codes Available] Driven to succeed: As the main character, Rhett Spires travels home after a business trip, he reflects on the skills, attitudes, and strategies he employs to get ahead.... read more
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I guess the fact that I'm still listening to a series that's nine stories deep should be enough of a clue of how much I enjoy this murderous mimic and... read more

Superhero Saga Season 1

Ugh, okay this was a bit of a slog. The sample chapter on Audible doesn't really do the story justice. Basically, if you like reading long descriptions of superpowers, their... read more

Site Update: Spotify and More!

If the wall of logos didn't give it away, we've got something exciting to announce! Audiobooks published through Findaway Voices are distributed through several non-Amazon companies, and we're now happy... read more

The God Pill

[Codes Available] Embark on an extraordinary journey with "The God Pill: How to Take It," penned by visionary Augustus Vaughn. Within this captivating audiobook lies a transformative expedition into personal... read more
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Inappropriately Human

I took a bit of a chance with Inappropriately Human, 21 Short Stories by Andrew Heaton and I am very glad that I did so. Short stories can be hit-and-miss... read more

August Giveaway Winners!

Woohoo! Our second ever audiobook giveaway was just as popular as the first! So many entries and so many great books. Only two people could win though, and we'll get... read more

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