[10] On A Throne Of Lies꞉ The Bad Guys, Book 10

On a Throne of Lies

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Book 10 of the series and I should be used to Ugland’s approach to storytelling by now… and to some degree I am. On one hand, I love this series. The plot is compelling and fast moving, and the humour tickles me just right. BUT – the stories are so damn short. This one, in particular, is probably the first I really feel cheated by, though.

Yes, almost ten hours of runtime is a reasonable length, but there was a lot of set up going on in this one for what didn’t really move the plot forward that much. Then, the ending. This one cuts off at entirely the wrong spot; basically just when the story is actually picking up pace.

I get the idea of cliff-hangers and the like, but everything about this felt like a money grab. The problem I have is that yes, I will continue with the story even because of this. I’m not happy about it though. I don’t mind a good cliff-hanger, but this one was all wrong.

Ten books in, I can’t say much without spoilers. Suffice it to say, I obviously enjoy the series. This one features a crossover, of sorts, with the main character from his Good Guys series. I haven’t read those, but it doesn’t seem necessary since Montana (Good Guys main character) is mostly background flavour.

As per all the earlier books, the narration by Neil Hellegers is excellent and easy to listen to.

Frustratingly good story. I’d say wait until the entire series is done to avoid some frustration, but that might still be a while off.


Adventure, Humorous, Fantasy, Gamelit, Sword & Sorcery
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