Listen While You Lego

For people with kids, it likely comes as no surprise when I say that Lego bricks can accumulate in great numbers over time. In our house, my kids have enjoyed... read more

Site Update: Spotify and More!

If the wall of logos didn't give it away, we've got something exciting to announce! Audiobooks published through Findaway Voices are distributed through several non-Amazon companies, and we're now happy... read more

August Giveaway Winners!

Woohoo! Our second ever audiobook giveaway was just as popular as the first! So many entries and so many great books. Only two people could win though, and we'll get... read more

Midnight Burger

If you're a fan of audiobooks (and if you're on this site, you probably are!), you might find this audio drama podcast to your liking. If you like humorous science... read more

Big Sneaky Peeky of My Wishlist

I've been on a bit of a spree recently, filling my Audible wish list with more Audiobooks than I can reasonably ever expect to listen to. While I really should... read more

How Audiobooks Are Made

I recently stumbled upon a podcast called Nerdette from the NPR network, specifically their "Undercover" series. The particular episode that caught my attention was titled "How audiobooks bring a story... read more

Giveaway Winners!

Wow! Our first-ever audiobook giveaway was a runaway success! We were blown away by the incredible response from all of you audiobook enthusiasts out there. The variety of audiobook titles... read more

Massive Site Update

Hey there! I've got some exciting news to share with you all. Over the past few weeks, I've been hard at work giving this website a complete overhaul. When I... read more

Mindfulness and Audiobooks

Have you ever found yourself so lost in an audiobook that the rest of the universe simply ceases to be? You’re in that groove, thoroughly absorbed, and your mind paints... read more

Talking Audiobooks with ChatGPT

So if you've been paying any kind of attention to technology-related news, one of the big things at the moment is ChatGPT - an artificial intelligence (AI) that you can... read more

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