Beacon 23

I read this book on my Kindle some years ago now and remember enjoying it immensely, though, for the life of me, I could remember very little beyond what is... read more


Vicarious, by Rhett C Bruno, is kind of like The Truman Show if it were set a few hundred years in the future, and everybody on the show had no... read more


I think the cover of this one grabbed my attention the most, because the blurb doesn't quite capture the true strangeness that unfolds within its pages. Just something about that... read more

The Sky Road

If I've got my timeline right, this is set after the events of book one - The Star Fraction, and before book two - The Stone Canal, and nicely fills... read more


Sand, by Hugh Howey, is a book I first read when it came out many years ago now on Kindle. I'd been a fan of Howey's since stumbling on his... read more

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