Inappropriately Human

I took a bit of a chance with Inappropriately Human, 21 Short Stories by Andrew Heaton and I am very glad that I did so. Short stories can be hit-and-miss... read more

Midnight Burger

If you're a fan of audiobooks (and if you're on this site, you probably are!), you might find this audio drama podcast to your liking. If you like humorous science... read more


The last human alive in an infinite universe. In Relic, by Alan Dean Foster, we follow the life of a man named Ruslan who survived the "Aura Malignance" where billions... read more


I spotted Stringers, written by Chris Panatier, in a Reddit post, and it sounded like something I'd enjoy, and it was! It wasn't the best book I've ever purchased, but... read more


Miniatures, the Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi, is a bit of a mixed bag. I'd seen this one a few times but had opted not to drop a credit... read more

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