[4] Buymort꞉ 30,000 Leagues꞉ How I Merged To Become Nu Earth Affiliated꞉ Shopocalypse Saga, Book 4

BuyMort: 30,000 Leagues

How I Merged to Become Nu-Earth Affiliated

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Tyson, the Warlord of Arizona and CEO of Silken Sands, a BuyMort Affiliate, continues his rise to power. After managing to piss off basically all of the major players in the universe, Tyler is now something of a celebrity. With regular features on TV, he is spreading the word and people are taking notice.

Decisions from the early days are coming back to bite him though. The Sleem, those gelatinous monsters are causing trouble again. The Dearth Conglomerate have themselves a brand-new bioweapon they’re throwing at Arizona, and a Kraken has decided to cheat the system and try to claim all of Earth so it can sell it off wholesale.

Like the earlier books, I rocketed through this one. It’s just shy of 16-hours long, but it felt like no time at all. At one point, I was juggling earbuds – recharging one at a time so I could keep listening without running of juice.

The storytelling is tightly written, with the next disaster always looming on the horizon. Be it Kraken-caused Tsunamis and continent-shattering earthquake, invisible monsters, or catching the attention of a Beholder, there’s little downtime for Tyson Dawes

Less sexy time with lady snakes in this one, which I’m kind of glad for. Molls, a naga (snake) creature and Church of BuyMort representative for Silken Sands, is mostly just a distraction at this point and adds complications into Tyson’s life that mildly slow things down. Not detrimental, but I doubt I’d miss the sections too much if they weren’t there.

Along the way we’ve met a lot of new characters, and it’s nice to see that they’re living their own lives outside of the main story. Doofus, the malamute, has his own pack and running his own affiliate. The BlueCleave tribe of hobb mercenaries have their own side-hustles as mercs-for-hire among other things, the bat-creature, Morbin, and his bar, and Phyllis the weed-smoking grandma piloting a mech suit that could probably layout Tyson and his high-tech add-ons should she choose.

The audio quality seemed much improved in this one from the previous. I didn’t make any note of background noises of the like. Wayne Mitchell, the narrator, suits most of the characters well, but as I’ve noted on previous reviews I’m not a fan of his female voices. Actually, probably mostly the voice of Molls annoys me the most. Mostly, the others are okay.

I pre-ordered this book the second I could and I’ll be doing the same as soon as book five is available. This series is firmly planted in my list of all-time favourites, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Actually, maybe it’s time for a relisten from the beginning!


Humorous, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Aliens, Galactic Empire, Male Narrator
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