[2] Sci Fi Shorts II꞉ Sci Fi Shorts, Book 2

Sci-Fi Shorts II

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Another great collection of short stories! I enjoyed the first a lot so was rather excited when the author reached out to let me know that the second volume was now available on Audible.

Like the first, this is a collection of stand-alone short stories all with a sci-fi bent. If I had to describe it as briefly as I could, I’d say science fiction mixed with the mundane lives of ordinary people.

I say this because none of the characters are heroic or generally outstanding in any way. They are, for the most part, just ordinary people dealing with fantastic or weird situations.

Take the first story – a guy riding the train has forgotten to renew his yearly pass. Next thing you know, the train is somehow in an alternate universe surrounded by extraordinarily buffed and mostly naked people. Are they real? Are they demons? Should they just back away slowly and forget about it?

Another explores it is possible to cheat at Fantasy Football using time travel – nothing big ticket like killing Hitler or winning the lottery, just the weekly Fantasy Football league.

What would happen if humanity were on an equivalent of galaxy-wide episode of Big Brother?

That one was probably my favourite. The character of “Camera”, the equivalent of a nature documentary camera covered in a dodgy-looking animal suit, I thought was ingenious. Just like animals can’t tell the difference between real and obviously fake, neither could humans.

Narration by Duncan Galloway was again well done. Definitely the right voice for the kind of stories you’ll find in this audiobook.

All the stories are unconnected, so you can jump into the collection and then go back to the first book. Very entertaining, and right up my alley for quirky short stories.


Humorous, Science Fiction, Aliens, Short Stories, Anthologies, Male Narrator
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