Sweep꞉ The Story Of A Girl And Her Monster
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I picked up Sweep – The Story of a Girl and Her Monster by Jonathan Auxier for a couple of reasons. One, the story sounded REALLY good, and two, I was looking for something that might appeal to my kids.

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Evertrue꞉ An Underworld Fairytale
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Evertrue, written by Jill London, is a feel-good fairytale adventure. Now, I’ll admit to having help reviewing this one. I enlisted my youngest daughter to listen along with me. I knew without even asking that she enjoyed it. Giggling away

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The Weirdies
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The Weirdies

I can best describe The Weirdies by Michael Buckley as “Matilda meets The Addams Family”. This was an absolute delight, reminiscent of the great Roald Dahl with horrid characters, horrible things going on that are seemingly normal, and an overall

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