[9] Jackson꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Vol. 9


Read Time: 2 Minutes

I guess the fact that I’m still listening to a series that’s nine stories deep should be enough of a clue of how much I enjoy this murderous mimic and the mayhem it causes, along with its demonic familiars and other cohorts. This one deviates a little from previous stories where we have a rather large time skip of about two years, rather than following along Boxxy’s adventures more closely.

It works well though, as Boxxy’s at that point where it has to grind for its level increases since they don’t come as rapidly now they’re much higher. The skip-ahead lets everyone involved increase their levels without subjecting us to the efforts. Instead, we get to dive into an orc infestation that’s about to take over the land.

We get a few new characters and heroes to meet, along with old ones and the regulars. It’s difficult to say too much more at this point without spoiling previous books. I am happy whenever a new book drops, and I frequently revisit earlier ones for a relisten.

The full cast read with Soundbooth Theater worked well. Jeff Hays doing the bulk of the narration, but others getting involved since the cast of characters has expanded a great deal since the early days. The full cast is billed as Jeff Hays, Annie Ellicott, Dorrie Sacks, Justin James, Laurie Winkel, Alejandra LaFlor, Lucky Byfleet, Gary Furlong, and Will Watt. The production quality was as excellent as ever, and the immersive effects not overpowering.

Short and sweet review this time. I’ll be preordering the next one as soon as I can, just as I did with this one. Boxxy in keen to take on a dragon, and that’s a fight I’d like to see.


Humorous, Mimic, Gamelit, Sword & Sorcery
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