[9] Jackson꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Vol. 9
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I guess the fact that I’m still listening to a series that’s nine stories deep should be enough of a clue of how much I enjoy this murderous mimic and the mayhem it causes, along with its demonic familiars and […]

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[8] Stain꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Vol. 8
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Following book seven (which still feels like a filler book despite me having returned to a couple of times for a relisten), this latest addition is a true return to form. As always, it features Boxxy T. Morningwood, murder hobo

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[7] Goroth꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Book 7
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Everybody’s favourite murder hobo, former treasure chest-shaped mimic, and hero of the God of Chaos, Boxxy T. Morningwood, returns in a bit of a lacklustre outing for the series. While fun and filled with the humour I’ve come to expect,

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[3] Vortena꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Volume 3
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Boxxy T. Morningwood, the simple mimic that just wants shiny things, tasty things, and to kill every living on the planet, outdoes itself in this one. There’s a lot to like about this series, yet at the same time, there

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Not for the easily offended, but Fizzlesprocket (Everybody Loves Large Chests book 2) by Neven Iliev certainly is a cracking tale of a murder hobo mimic and their psychopathic demonic familiars. Seriously, there is a lot of horrifically awful stuff

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[1] Morningwood꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests (vol.1)
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Not for the easily offended, this book is a hilarious spin on the usual LitRPG adventure. For a start, the main characters are the bad guys, a lowly treasure chest-shaped mimic and a succubus (pretty much as drawn on the

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