Shooting Bogies
Review Suspense Thriller

Shooting Bogies

“Shooting Bogies” by Ralph Monti is a short yet thoroughly entertaining read. The story follows the misadventures of Rocky Delmonico, a golf hustler who becomes entangled with Gino Lofaccio, a neighbourhood mafia boss. Rocky’s streak of bad luck begins when

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Dungeon Market: The Ballad of Shady Greg
LitRPG Review

Dungeon Market

Shady Greg, with a terminal case of the stupids, returns and manages to blunder his way through yet another troubled time for his business. Shady Greg is both the savviest entrepreneur in the world of Jadera and also the most

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Playing Doctor
Non-Fiction Review Memoir

Playing Doctor

Originally destined for something in the liberal arts, John Lawrence was dead against ever being a doctor. So, to the surprise of himself more than anyone, he applied for college and began his journey of becoming a doctor. Suffering multiple

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Science Fiction Review


If you’re looking for an easy science fiction tale that doesn’t take things too seriously, then Starlite by Jonathan Latt is for you. Set hundreds of years into humanity’s future, it has a charming kind of retro-futuristic vibe to it

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Sci Fi Shorts
Review Science Fiction

Sci-Fi Shorts

I love short stories, and science fiction ones tend to land the format well. Sci-Fi Short by Mark Roman and Duncan Galloway delivers nineteen stories ranging from the very short micro-fiction of 100 words to (based on a few guesses)

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