Dead Tired I

The bad puns start at the title and continue throughout the entire audiobook. I mean REALLY bad puns but ones that had me grinning like a skeleton each time Harold,... [continue reading]


Billed as a "Pre-apocalyptic Sci-Fi Comedy", Offlining by GJ Weinstein encompasses this with a great dollop of romantic comedy on top, and maybe a side of Porky's raunch on the... [continue reading]


[Codes Available] Offlining (noun): giving up the online world for reality, where the graphics aren’t great, nobody can fly, and everything hurts. Jerusalem Pix virtually lives in the virtual worlds... [continue reading]
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Lich, Please

The adventures of Maud, the lich in resident of a severely haunted castle in the middle of a spooky forest are ones I look forward to immensely. Things are really... [continue reading]