[1] Mimic & Me
Review Fantasy Humor

Mimic & Me

I quite like mimics… even though they tend to be maniacal evil monsters with insatiable appetites and no morals whatsoever beyond whatever they need to get their next feed. The mimic in this one is no different, and the premise

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[9] Jackson꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Vol. 9
Review LitRPG


I guess the fact that I’m still listening to a series that’s nine stories deep should be enough of a clue of how much I enjoy this murderous mimic and the mayhem it causes, along with its demonic familiars and

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Monster Menu꞉ A Slice Of Life Litrpg
Review Fantasy

Monster Menu

After serving the perfect revenge dish with ingredients of dubious origins, Renee (Nay) is on the hunt for more. She gets more than she bargained for when she’s pulled into a new world. Stark naked and stranded in the middle

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