Superhero Saga Season 1꞉ Trials, Tribulations, And Trust Issues

Superhero Saga Season 1

Trials, Tribulations, and Trust Issues

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Ugh, okay this was a bit of a slog. The sample chapter on Audible doesn’t really do the story justice. Basically, if you like reading long descriptions of superpowers, their pros and cons, and why they generally suck, then this will appeal to you. There’s a story in there, but the vast majority of this book is Jess, the main character, writing out superpower reviews for the company she’s been forced to work for.

After having everyone she knows and loves threatened, Mary Sue…er, I mean Jess, is forced to go work for a company who are trying to distil superpowers into some kind of formula and wants “product” reviews by Jess.

In a world where anyone with superpowers gets only one, Jess has every single superpower available. And somehow, she knows how to use them all perfectly while complaining how giving anyone else a superpower would be a bad idea and that they would just somehow muck it up.

I kept with it because I kept thinking surely the filling in of superpower feedback forms would go away and we’d get the actual story. No such luck, and they persisted all the way through. I haven’t gone back to check, but at least two review chapters to one of actual story.

The narration by Madeline Harsh was good, with no issues with production that I noticed. That said, the book was almost putting me to sleep a lot of the time as corporate report after corporate report was read to me, so I may have missed something.

So to sum up, I suppose it was good if you don’t know anything about superpowers and never thought about the uses and drawbacks and just want to listen to near-endless lists about them and why it would suck if anyone was to get them. At least it was short.

It’ll be a hard pass from me if there are any more in the series.


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