[2] Nullform 2꞉ Nullform Series, Book 2
Horror Review

Nullform #2

Waking up after the events of the first, Elb finds himself quickly gaining strength and reputation among the inhabitants of the Outskirts. The life he awoke to in the first isn’t one he can tolerate, either for himself or the

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Borrowed Time
Review Science Fiction

Borrowed Time

This was an odd one, but ultimately a good read. “Borrowed Time” by John Nolte explores themes of immortality, morality, and the fragility of human existence, wrapped up in a suspenseful and somewhat philosophical look at what it would be

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[1] Nullform #1꞉ Nullform Series, Book 1
Review Horror

Nullform #1

Imagine waking up in a world where you don’t own your own limbs, and you have no personal memories from your life before. You rent them from “the system”, so before you’ve even woken, you’re already in debt. Can’t pay

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Review Science Fiction


Billed as a “Pre-apocalyptic Sci-Fi Comedy”, Offlining by GJ Weinstein encompasses this with a great dollop of romantic comedy on top, and maybe a side of Porky’s raunch on the side with all the sex-dripped humour. It’s a rather satirical

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