Vicarious, by Rhett C Bruno, is kind of like The Truman Show if it were set a few hundred years in the future, and everybody on the show had no... read more


Sand, by Hugh Howey, is a book I first read when it came out many years ago now on Kindle. I'd been a fan of Howey's since stumbling on his... read more

The Running Man

Revisiting an old favourite for the first time as an audiobook, The Running Man by Stephen King (published under Richard Bachman) is just as compelling now as when I first... read more

Pangea Online

Pangea Online, the entire trilogy collected into a single volume for a credit, sounded good in theory. I'd also read a lot of people gushing about how good the story... read more

War Girls

War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi left me in two minds. On one hand, it was a decent story well told. On the other, it just felt like it fell short... read more

Time Out of Joint

Time Out of Joint by Philip K. Dick, originally published back in 1959, still holds up surprisingly well today. Like a lot of PKD stories, he skillfully spins a tale... read more

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