[3] The Case Of The Felonious Faire꞉ 5 Minute Sherlock, Book 3

The Case of the Felonious Faire

Read Time: 2 Minutes

I always forget how much I enjoy these books. I bought this one a few months ago and have been putting off reading it. No real reason other than I didn’t feel like it. Once I started it though, like the others before it was hard to stop. The characters are fun, and the plots rival any good original Sherlock mystery.

The eccentric Sherman Holmes and his sidekick, Joel Watson, take on a case that on the surface looks like mere embezzlement, but of course once the world’s greatest detective is on the case, it’s anything but ordinary.

A renaissance faire is the setting, so of course disguises are in order. Together, the world’s greatest wizard and his stalwart knightly protector investigate the goings on. Along the way meeting some truly interesting characters, and Sherman learns how to talk with birds while tripping on edibles.

The dynamic between Sherman and Joel grows tighter as they’re now becoming the best of friends. Excellent and natural character growth, with even the supporting characters feeling well fleshed out.

Camping out in a version of the tricked-out motorhome from Stripes (wow, that’s a movie I hadn’t thought of for at least a decade), the duo quickly finds themselves enjoying what the faire has to offer while also investigating the case.

Scott Aiello again delivers a banger of a performance. His enthusiastic reading of Sherman in particular is a standout. No production issues or background noises, but that should be a given for something produced specifically by Audible themselves.

Now, I just need to remember my enthusiasm when book four finally drops! I shouldn’t wait so long between purchasing it and listening to it. Hours of fun! If you’ve not yet experienced a 5-Minute Sherlock, then grab a copy (probably start with book 1 though) today!


Humorous, Amateur Sleuth, Male Narrator, Detective
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