[2] Carl's Doomsday Scenario꞉ Dungeon Crawler Carl, Book 2

Carl’s Doomsday Scenario

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Carl’s Doomsday Scenario, book 2 of the Dungeon Crawler Carl series written by Matt Dinniman is equally as enjoyable and all-out nuts as the first book… and I love it. It’s been a long time since I stumbled upon a series I knew from the get-go that without question, I’d be into for a long, long time.

Matt Dinniman delivers a hell of a follow up to book 1, adding the unique blend of humour and heart, and a hell of a storyline to boot. It’s one of those rare books that I simultaneously want to finish to find out how it ends, end not want the book to end at all because I’m enjoying it so much.

So book 2 finds Carl and Princess Donut (and Mongo, of course) having just reached level 3. Time to pick a race and class because as the system AI says – the training levels are now over. A little over 700,000 people remain from the original millions.

There’s a much bigger storyline starting to evolve. Dinniman has laid in so much groundwork, that it’ll surely take a few listens to pick up a lot of the clues. I’ll definitely be giving it another listen or three. I’ve re-done book 1 a couple of times already, and I’ve only had that a short while.

Plenty of character growth, especially Princess Donut who seems to be warming to Carl and her new life in the dungeon world.

Narration by Jeff Hayes was top-notch, as always. His voice of Carl is hilarious yet spot on. The dry, sardonic delivery of a man suffering through an intergalactic game show he wants no part in.

If you’ve not tried this series yet… why the hell not?


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