[2] Alien Night On Union Station꞉ Earthcent Ambassador Series, Book 2

Alien Night on Union Station

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While looking for a change of pace, I noticed that the next SEVENTEEN books in the EarthCent Ambassador series are now available for free as part of my Audible Plus subscription. So that solved the first question, and I added every book to my library. Hopefully, they stay on Plus for long enough to get through!

Set a number of years after the first book, and Kelly is still Earth’s ambassador on the Stryx-run space station – aka Union Station. Humanity is still a bit of a joke species, but suddenly, everyone is interested in us, and Kelly is getting party invites from every major and minor alien race on the station.

The source of this new fame? Humanity is the best at a new MMORPG-style space game that is played in real-time and can earn you real money. Everyone wants to be on good terms with the humans.

These stories aren’t high-action sci-fi; they’re friendly, easy-going science fiction. Not particularly high stakes, just a good story well told. Sci-fi rom-com if I had to put a specific tag to it.

The two young entrepreneur girls from the first – Chastity and Blythe have moved on from running their flower business to running the station’s foremost babysitting sitting service and are making money hand-over-first. They’re sort of the comic relief as they’re always up to something yet wildly succeeding at it.

Narrated by Hollie Jackson (who does the whole series), against was easy to listen to, with a broad range of character voices. Quality of production was excellent with no noticed issued.

So, heaps more in the series but I don’t want to get burnt out. I think I’ll save these as short palate cleansers between other books. I’ve only got like fifteen more to get through!


Humorous, Aliens, Space Opera
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