The Sky Road

If I've got my timeline right, this is set after the events of book one - The Star Fraction, and before book two - The Stone Canal, and nicely fills... read more

Richard: The Dragon’s Curse

[Codes Available] Everything is looking up for 15-year-old Richard Plantagenet. After defeating his chief political rival, Senator Spartacus, Richard’s rulership of the Milky Way kingdom seems assured. He’s also more... read more
UK Codes Available


I spotted Stringers, written by Chris Panatier, in a Reddit post, and it sounded like something I'd enjoy, and it was! It wasn't the best book I've ever purchased, but... read more

Galaxy Outlaws

Galaxy Outlaws, written by J. S. Morin, is unashamedly a love note to the TV show Firefly (cancelled too soon!) but not so much that you feel cheated or like... read more

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