[7] Tower Of The Noobs꞉ Noobtown, Book 7

Tower of the Noobs

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Maybe it’s just me, but I had a hard time getting back into the story for the longest time. One problem I had was that there are so many distinct characters around that at some point, I lost track of who and what each person is. Entire backstories (or at least major plot developments) I seem to have forgotten in the case of some of them. So, while I enjoyed it, I think what I need to do is re-listen to the whole series again to try to solidify more of it in my mind.

Now, that all said, there were a lot of truly laugh-out-loud moments in this book. Some had me absolutely wheezing for breath. Yes, most of it is puerile sophomoric dick jokes, but there are plenty of other parts that made me laugh just as hard.

Alas, trying to fully get into the story though was difficult… so trying to give this a star rating is going to be difficult. On one hand, the story rocks and had me laughing, yet at the same time left me often confused.

Johnathan McClain again knocks it out with ease. His comedic timing is excellent, and I love the small audio “winks” to the listener, like a nonchalant throat clearing when something is obviously breaking the fourth wall.

Being the Mayor of the small starter village seems so long ago now. The premise of the story of Jim being brought in to defeat the big bad of the world is getting closer. At one point I wondered if we were on the last book in the series. Nope, so now it’s just a long wait until the next one.


Humorous, Gamelit, LitRPG, Sword & Sorcery
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