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After serving the perfect revenge dish with ingredients of dubious origins, Renee (Nay) is on the hunt for more. She gets more than she bargained for when she's pulled into... read more

Giveaway Winners!

Wow! Our first-ever audiobook giveaway was a runaway success! We were blown away by the incredible response from all of you audiobook enthusiasts out there. The variety of audiobook titles... read more

Tower of the Noobs

Maybe it's just me, but I had a hard time getting back into the story for the longest time. One problem I had was that there are so many distinct... read more

Big Sneaky Barbarian

Big Sneaky Barbarian, written by Seth McDuffee, at times had me snort-laughing. Embarrassing to admit? Yes. Do I care? No, it was totally worth it. This was a low-stakes romp... read more

Dungeons and Noobs

A little bit slow to start, with preparations for Grebthar Day taking up most of the first half of the book. This was still entertaining, but not as much as... read more

Liar King

I've been holding off posting this review for some months because I wanted to see if book three ever eventuated. It looked like it came close once before disappearing from... read more


Another Online: Clockwork, by Terra Snover, is the second book in the Another Online series and one I've been waiting to get my hands on since I first heard about... read more

The Village of Noobtown

Village of Noobtown, written by Ryan Rimmel, picks up immediately from book one, with our hero Jim, the mayor of Noobtown, having just made it through his first real trials... read more

The Mayor of Noobtown

I found The Mayor of Noobtown by Ryan Rimmel started rather slowly but built up the pace as it went along. Well, if you can ignore the frequent character sheet... read more

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