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Not for the easily offended, but Fizzlesprocket (Everybody Loves Large Chests book 2) by Neven Iliev certainly is a cracking tale of a murder hobo mimic and their psychopathic demonic familiars. Seriously, there is a lot of horrifically awful stuff going on in this one, but if you made it through book one, then this probably won’t faze you.

Neven kicks it up a few notches in this one, though, with much of the first half of the book detailing the violent, masochistic sexual encounters between Boxxy’s two female demon familiars, Snack and Arms. Boxxy, of course, couldn’t care less what their pets get up to, so long as it doesn’t interfere with their goal of getting more tasty things.

Boxxy’s unique approach to levelling up runs parallel to the aforementioned violent sexcapades and is a much more interesting plot. Set immediately after the events of book one, our band of anti-heroes are putting as much distance between themselves and the ruined city as possible. Fortunately, the sex dies down mid-way, and the rest of the story comes into focus.

The story is narrated by my absolute favourite narrator, Jeff Hays from Soundbooth Theatre, along with the occasionally added sound effect. For me, sound effects can easily kill an otherwise good audiobook, but when used sparingly, such as in this book, it doesn’t detract at all. There are also helpful “you may skip this section” where the stat readouts aren’t anything critical like the first book.

Overall, if you can ignore the incredibly violent sex going on, the rest of the story builds well on the first. I’ll be spending a credit soon on the next in the series, that’s for sure.


Humorous, Demons, Mimic, Violence
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