[8] Stain꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Vol. 8


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Following book seven (which still feels like a filler book despite me having returned to a couple of times for a relisten), this latest addition is a true return to form. As always, it features Boxxy T. Morningwood, murder hobo and hero of the God of Chaos – with its large-chested psychotic demons – and packs a ton of story into its 16 hours and 30 minutes runtime. It wraps up long-running story arcs while also introducing new ones to keep everything fresh.

The book sees the return of Fizzy Rustblood, the shiniest of shinies, who rejoins Boxxy to continue doing what they do best. Killing, maiming, and collecting anything shiny that’s not nailed down… heck, even stuff that is.

Secret organizations are ramping up their plans, and the land is still recovering from the war, enjoying a tacit peace. Boxxy might just be in more danger than ever before because he has really ticked off a lot of the wrong people.

The fight scenes are thrilling and well-choreographed. Even the massive battles involving Boxxy’s entourage of demons and allies against equally large hordes of “good” guys are easy to follow and pulse-pounding at times. While it’s a given that Boxxy will survive as the main character, the author (Neven Iliev) manages to create tension that seriously makes me worry for ol’ Boxxy at times.

The quality of the audiobook is excellent, with Soundbooth Theatre delivering a great performance. However, there is one instance of overlapping audio tracks that seems accidental and out of place. That’s the only real issue of note, but I’m still knocking a star off.

The full cast narration, background music, and effects all work together to create a highly immersive experience. Although some of the music choices might not suit everyone’s taste, some tracks hit the mark perfectly for the action. I’m often not a fan of background music, but the whole experience works well.

As I’ve mentioned in previous reviews, this series is not for everyone, as it contains a lot of questionable and downright horrible content. I think in the last review I said, “This series follows a psychotic dungeon-born monster that will kill, eat, maim, or harm anyone or anything to get its hands on treasure.” This remains unchanged because while you can take the mimic out of the dungeon, it’s still going to eat you and take all your stuff.


Humorous, Mimic, Gamelit
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