Superhero Saga Season 1

Ugh, okay this was a bit of a slog. The sample chapter on Audible doesn't really do the story justice. Basically, if you like reading long descriptions of superpowers, their... read more

The Roach

Audible recommended this one to me on the back of another recent superhero purchase, and it's scary sometimes how well it knows me. Not a superhero, but more of a... read more

Super Powereds: Year 1

First off, this one was a compelling story, but the way it was told and narrated let it down. Between the constant "telling" with dialogue tags (i.e. [so and so]... read more

Almost Infamous

This is one of those hard-to-like books that is also kind of hard to hate. Let's get one thing out of the way; the main character, Aidan Salt / Apex... read more


Dreadnought, written by April Daniels, revolves around fifteen-year-old Danny Tozer in a city where being a superhero is a legitimate job possibility. Designated at birth as male, Danny knows this... read more

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