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The Junkie Quatrain

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The Junkie Quatrain

Good Story that Goes Nowhere

Review by: The Audiobook ReviewI picked up The Junkie Quatrain by Peter Clines during a recent Audible sale for two bucks. Sure, it was cheap, but you still go into buying something with the expectation the main story is resolved in some way by the end. Not so for Clines, apparently, who wrote four short stories all intertwined with each other that just... ended.

Three out of the four stories were solid, with one not being quite as interesting to me. A new spin on a zombie outbreak pandemic, written well before Covid but with some eerily similar hallmarks.

The narration by Christian Rummel and Therese Plummer was good. Nothing to write home about but a solid effort by both. Quality was top notch, being produced by Audible themselves, you'd certainly hope so.

Narration Sample

So overall, an enjoyable short listen for two dollars that left me hanging. Somewhat disappointing, really.


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