[2] Nullform 2꞉ Nullform Series, Book 2
Horror Review

Nullform #2

Waking up after the events of the first, Elb finds himself quickly gaining strength and reputation among the inhabitants of the Outskirts. The life he awoke to in the first isn’t one he can tolerate, either for himself or the […]

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Review Science Fiction


The last human alive in an infinite universe. In Relic, by Alan Dean Foster, we follow the life of a man named Ruslan who survived the “Aura Malignance” where billions of others didn’t. The smart virus burned through the human

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[1] Bunker Core꞉ Core Control, Book 1
Review Fantasy

Bunker Core

Bunker Core, written by Andrew Seiple, is a bit of a different take on your typical dungeon core style books that tend to be in the more D&D style setting. This merges the dungeon core setting with advanced tech in

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