The last human alive in an infinite universe. In Relic, by Alan Dean Foster, we follow the life of a man named Ruslan who survived the "Aura Malignance" where billions... read more

A Guardian Rises

[Codes Available] A world filled with magic, wizards, and enchanted beings—or the ashes of a highly advanced civilization? The truth is much more complicated. Zairoc, a dark wizard. Sir Francis,... read more
UK Codes Available

Bunker Core

Bunker Core, written by Andrew Seiple, is a bit of a different take on your typical dungeon core style books that tend to be in the more D&D style setting.... read more

Sex, Lies and the Bomb

Sex, Lies and the Bomb by Anthony Vincent Bruno left me speechless. Absolutely mind-blown by the end. After finishing this book, I looked through his other works and found them... read more

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