[2] Limitless Seas, Book 2

Limitless Seas, Book 2

Read Time: 2 Minutes

It had been some time since I listened to the first book in this series, and even with a comprehensive recap at the beginning of this book, I still found myself struggling to remember everything that had happened. So, after re-listening to the first, I dove back into this one with gusto. The story picks up seamlessly from there and continues the adventure of Larson and his privateer pals as they continue to make a name for themselves.

Larson is still unaware of being in-game, and the outside chapters are, like the first, few and far between, which is nice. I get why they are there, but honestly, I could do without them as I prefer staying immersed in the world with Larson.

If you like ship-based battles with pirates, then you’re in for a good time. Plenty of action, well described, so easy to track of what is happening and paced to keep everything moving.

Jack Voraces returns again to deliver a good performance. I’m not overly fond of some of his female voices, they seem a little forced, but otherwise, I think the rest are done well. I made no notes of issues with the production either, so a nice clean read.

Things are heating up in the world of Limitless Lands, with Larson getting some advanced weaponry that will likely turn the tides against any foes (not a spoiler, it’s on the cover). I look forward to the next one!

I was given this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. I have not let this gift affect nor influence my opinions of this audiobook and have left an honest review.


Fantasy, Mind Transfer, Sword & Sorcery, Swashbuckling
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