[2] Liching Hour꞉ Liches Get Stitches, Book 2

Liching Hour

Read Time: 2 Minutes

Maud, the reluctant lich, returns in the follow-up that just as every bit as good as the first. Like the first, Maud wants to be left alone to enjoy her existence as an undead creature. She wants to knit, craft, grow flowers, tend bees, and make potions. But of course, the do-goody paladins want none of that. Nor, it seems, does another lich who takes the job a lot more seriously.

Filled with the same warmth and pure joy for life as the first, yet expanding on this even further. The character of Maud is such a delightful breath of fresh air. Yes, she’s a stone-cold killer when she has to be, but she doesn’t let that define her. She still enjoys a well-made garment or particularly nice ribbon while at the same time having a thirst for siege engines, battlements, and fertilising her garden with body parts.

The audio quality of the second book seemed lower than the first. I don’t recall anything off with the first, but this one had a distinct “hollow” kind of sound to it. Like it was recorded in an open room without enough sound-absorbing material. Apart from that, the narration was a treat. Ella Lynch nails Maud’s cheery disposition.

If you enjoyed the first book, you would not be disappointed with the second. The author’s unique style of such flowery, beautiful language interspersed with the truly horrific continues unabated. As soon as the next one is out, it’ll be in my library.

A good deal longer than the first one too. At almost eleven and a half hours, yet time just dropped away as I listened, fully taken in.


Humorous, Liches, Dark Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery
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