Reign of Extinction

[Codes Available] A destroyed girl. A disgraced soldier. A disfigured outcast. A death-dealing healer. A dying prophet. A devastated civilization. Fifteen-year-old Rose has always had worse things to worry about... read more
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Liching Hour

Maud, the reluctant lich, returns in the follow-up that just as every bit as good as the first. Like the first, Maud wants to be left alone to enjoy her... read more

Vigor Mortis: Volume 3

Honestly, I both enjoyed the heck out of this while being completely irritated. Usually, Podium Audio can be trusted to put out polished works. Yes, the previous books in the... read more

Scamps & Scoundrels

Scamps & Scoundrels, book one of the Bad Guys series by Eric Ugland went by in a flash. At eleven and a half hours, I got sucked all the way... read more


Another Online: Clockwork, by Terra Snover, is the second book in the Another Online series and one I've been waiting to get my hands on since I first heard about... read more

Wyrd Gods

Wyrd Gods, written by Susana Imaginario, contains more gods and minor deities than you can poke a stick at, and early on, I realised I had to pay close attention... read more

All Hail the Queen

Author Terra Snover pitched "Another Online: All Hail the Queen" to me as "Wreck-it Ralph meets Handmaid's Tale" and I was in, no questions. A brilliant elevator pitch if ever... read more

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