[4] Dungeons And Noobs꞉ Noobtown, Book 4

Dungeons and Noobs

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A little bit slow to start, with preparations for Grebthar Day taking up most of the first half of the book. This was still entertaining, but not as much as the second half of the book where Mayor Jim, Shart (his shoulder demon), animal companion Badgelor, and adventuring cohorts from Windall finally get to enter the dungeon below Windfall Castle. A dungeon crawl with a heavy homage to Indiana Jones; boulders and idols included.

The silly puns, jokes, and winks to the audience still abound and had me chuckling. Kudos to the narrator, Johnathan McClain, for one part in particular where it was a few minutes of tongue-twisters. McClain’s narration is odd, but for me, it works perfectly with the character.

I’ll be jumping straight into book five once I’ve finished writing this review because I need to continue the story! The author, Ryan Rimmel, executes an almost perfect pivot at the end, adding a twist that will reinvigorate the series. Not that it was getting stale, but an excellent way to keep the plot fresh.

In summary, bring on more adventures for Jim, Shart, and Badgerlor.


Humorous, LitRPG, Sword & Sorcery
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