[3] Dungeon Core Online꞉ Remastered Edition, Book Three

Dungeon Core Online: Book 3

Read Time: 2 Minutes

If the cover image doesn’t give it away, James/Glyax’s fourth floor is water themed. It’s not something he was looking forward to, but once he works out how to load it with terrors from the deep, well, of course, his players love it. In this book, the focus moves (slightly) away from dungeon building and into the real world, where the consequences of the earlier books are starting to ramp up.

Like the earlier books, this is filled with pop culture references (a lot of which slip past James as they’re before his time). Plenty of action and some genuine laugh-out-loud moments during battle, plus a whole heap of intrigue. Just who are Cyb3Ru5, and why are they coming for the dungeon cores?

James’ relationship with the dungeon AI gets kicked up a notch, nothing I didn’t see coming, really, so it was good to be proven correct.

As a series, this is easy to listen to and enjoy. Sort of “take your brain off the hook and enjoy” type where you can listen to the mindless antics and world-building without taxing your brain. Sometimes, that’s just the ticket.

The narration by Travis Baldree was, as expected, excellent. He’s one of my favourite narrators right now, and he nails this one just right. Quality was top notch too. I didn’t note down any issues that pulled me out of the story.

If you’re looking for a series that is a lot of fun without being taxing on the brain, jump into this one today. Finally, get a load of the covers of the books in this series! Whoever is designing them has serious talent.


Humorous, Fantasy, Gamelit, Dungeon Crawl
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