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Cinnamon Bun: Volume 3

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Being a fan of the first two books in the Cinnamon Bun series by RavensDagger, I jumped at the chance of pre-ordering book three when it appeared on Audible. Still enjoyable but seemingly much slower than the first two while still being within the same ballpark for length.

The story continues from where book two left off, with Broccoli, Amaryllis, and Awen heading to the Nesting Kingdom, home of Amaryllis, to kick off the next part of their investigation into the potential war brewing throughout the lands.

Much of the humour of the first two books was still here. Broccoli and Awen’s complete naivety at the more adult situations still delivers plenty of chuckles while keeping the book on the “wholesome” side.

The big thing I enjoy about this series is how Broccoli can take any number of ridiculous skills and turn them into exactly what is needed. While most situations would call for a rouge, barbarian, wizard, or any number of classic characters and their accompanying skill sets, the practical use of everyday skills is fun.

Broccoli was brought to the world, with the central conceit being to find and explore dungeons to exterminate an evil root. In this book, it took around 13 hours before this even seemed to come up at all, a good 60 chapters in… leaving me with the overall feeling of a much slower novel that seemed more interested in side quests and the mundane rather than trying to advance the plot at all.

Narrator Reba Buhr once again knocked it out of the park. Her voices perfectly suit the main cast of the characters in this book, remaining consistent between the three books.

Overall, I will keep going with the series. By the 13th hour, I was starting to wonder, but when Broccoli and her crew hit the dungeon, the story sucked me right back in, and the adventure really started to feel like it had kicked off again.

PS – This book contains a whole village of buns!


Humorous, Fantasy, Hugs
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