[3] Castle Of The Noobs꞉ Noobtown, Book 3

Castle of the Noobs

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I’m going to keep this one short, as now I need to avoid spoilers where I can as I get into the third. Some of the humour from the first books seemed lacking. Not that this was a terrible story, just a change away from what I’d been enjoying. This was a little more internally focused, with Jim coming to terms with his death and rebirth in this new world and all the things he left.

Many reviews on Audible seem to focus on the fact that Jim misses his wife and daughter and how much they despise this decision by the author. Twaddle, I say. I think it adds depth to the character that was missing in those first few weeks. He was so busy staying alive he didn’t have time to mourn his lost lift.

Sir Dalton is a new character I enjoyed immensely. Over-the-top, enthusiastic, boastful, and described with not an unsubtle wink and a nudge to Gaston LeGume (Beauty and the Beast). Narration again was much less problematic than the first and an improvement on the second.

All in all, another series I’m enjoying. The story is moving forward, and the town is expanding nicely. The town-building aspect is something I’m really getting into more than I initially thought I would. I’ve already got the fourth and fifth books purchased and sitting in my pile of audiobooks to get to.


Humorous, LitRPG, Pumas
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