Sew You Want To Be A Hero

Sew You Want to Be a Hero

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While I enjoyed the heck out of the first book, this was the first time that I’ve returned an audiobook in a very long time. I tried but failed to reconnect with Threadbare and the cast of characters in this second outing. I listened for a good half of it before giving in and deciding I simply no longer cared.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but this one didn’t suck me in, unlike the first book. Maybe it’s because everything felt a little too contrived, solutions and advancement a little too convenient and easy, and the feeling of the plot just spinning its wheels while trying to get some traction in some direction. If I had to choose a single word, it’d be “boring”.

Narration again by Tim Gerard Reynolds was good, however. Even his charmingly sweet character voices weren’t enough to save this for me. A pity, as I had really hoped to go on with this series after the first book. Better now at book two than getting further invested in the series before it flamed out.


Adventure, Sword & Sorcery, Did Not Finish
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