Book 2 of Threadbare


Sew You Want To Be A Hero

Sew You Want to Be a Hero

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While I enjoyed the heck out of the first book, this was the first time that I’ve returned an audiobook in a very long time. I tried but failed to reconnect with Threadbare and the cast of characters in this second outing. I listened for a good half of it before giving in and deciding I simply no longer cared.

I can’t pinpoint exactly why, but this one didn’t suck me in, unlike the first book. Maybe it’s because everything felt a little too contrived, solutions and advancement a little too convenient and easy, and the feeling of the plot just spinning its wheels while trying to get some traction in some direction. If I had to choose a single word, it’d be “boring”.

Narration again by Tim Gerard Reynolds was good, however. Even his charmingly sweet character voices weren’t enough to save this for me. A pity, as I had really hoped to go on with this series after the first book. Better now at book two than getting further invested in the series before it flamed out.

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