[4] Morgana꞉ Everybody Loves Large Chests, Book 4


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Morgana (Everybody Loves Large Chests, Book 4) by Neven Iliev continues the adventures of the murderous Boxxy T. Morningwood and his ever-growing army of demonic helpers. This book felt slightly different from the first few, with much of the attention focussed on Boxxy, with the side characters getting much less dedicated time. Sure, they got some, but not compared to the previous.

It’s hard to go too deep into this without significant spoilers, but this one had a somewhat surprising amount of growth for Boxxy. He’s still an amoral killing machine, but he now knows the value of restraint when needed. His infiltration skills are startlingly good, and he even shows a lot of emotion that seems both genuine and insincere at the same time.

The intense sex and violence of previous books were toned down quite a degree too. Book three was rough in parts, but this one didn’t have such issues.

The 17+ hours of this story seemed to fly by. It was rather engrossing, made doubly so by the suburb vocal talents of Jeff Hayes of Soundbooth Theatre, joined this time by the fantastic Annie Ellicott, whom I’ve not had the pleasure of hearing before. Both did a tremendous job. This one also ramped up the sound effects, which can be hit-or-miss, but in this case, I found hit dead-on, adding to the overall immersive experience.

All up, a great addition to the ELLC world. I picked this up for a song during the most recent AUdible sale, along with the next few in the series, so expect a few more of these to show over the next few months.


Humorous, Demons
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