[4] Hard Luck Hank꞉ Suck My Cosmos

Hard Luck Hank: Suck My Cosmos

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After finishing book 3, it was straight onto book 4 of the Hard Luck Hank series – Suck My Cosmos. Belvaille has moved on yet again and is now moving towards an aristocracy. Hank only manages to still live there because he’s the oldest living continuous citizen, and the toffs seem to enjoy that.

Assisted by the universe’s most sought-after butler, a Dredel Led (robot) named Cliston, Hank finds his services retained by the richest of the rich on the station. After getting a new lease on life after the events of book 3, Hank no longer weighs 15,000 pounds but is just as bulletproof as ever.

There are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments in this one compared to the previous one, where it seems author Steven Campbell has really returned to his groove. Hank’s snark, cynicism, dry wit, and ability to turn a hilarious phrase make this one particularly entertaining.

Unfortunately, like the last book, the audio quality is again, pretty crap. The return of the high-pitched noise behind most of the narration. Not as bad as the last one, but still plenty of issues. I’m not going to keep beating the dead horse of how I’m not a fan of the actual narrator, so I’ll just move on.

Another great Hank story, though. Bucket loads of stuff going on and lots of laughs along the way.


Humorous, Aliens, Galactic Empire
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