[6] Hard Luck Hank꞉ Robot Farts

Hard Luck Hank: Robot Farts

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This far into the Hard Luck Hank series, it’s hard to review without feeling like I’m repeating myself. As always, time has moved on, and Belvaille has changed once again. The nobles are (mostly) gone, and the remaining inhabitants are scratching out a living in any way they can. Life in the Post Colmarian Confederation Colmarian Confederation (yes, that’s the title of the confederation now) is hard. New laws are being enacted every day, and with it, the complete inefficiency of government.

Hank, as ever, has a great idea of how to get rich. Skim a little bit of anything from the freighters stopping by the space station, and sell it for profit. It seems easy, right? Of course, Hank has the hardest luck in the galaxy.

A group of fellow Ontankians are on the station, along with Hank’s uncle Frank. A war is brewing between the Post Colmarian Confederation Colmarian Confederation and the Dredel Led. A navy warship languishes nearby, with the man in charge waiting years to get a proper rank through the government layers of bureaucracy.

The audio in this one was much improved. Gone is the constant background noise that has plagued all the others so far.

Keeping this one short and sweet. Another fun Hank adventure with plenty going on to keep you guessing. Oh… and one of my favourite new characters – The Emerald Crusader! Plus Garm, Delovoa, Cliston, MTB all return, plus other old enemies and friends.


Humorous, Galactic Empire
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