[5] - Cinnamon Bun꞉ Volume 5

Cinnamon Bun: Volume 5

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Another enjoyable (if slower) outing with the Broccoli Bunch. One of the larger story arcs seems to get wrapped up or at least partly solved. It’s hard to say since we pivot to a dungeon dive and start getting back to the original premise of destroying the evil roots infecting dungeon cores.

Awen is slowly coming further out of her shell, which is nice to see. No longer the shrinking violet she was when we first met her, but some well-applied character growth has her holding her own.

Some new characters were fun too. Princess Caprica of the Sylphs is in some ways the same as Amaryllis being the “spare” of the family, and she gels well with the gang.

Mostly this was the culmination of the last couple of novels where they’ve arrived in Goldenalden and need to convince the various nations not to go to war. I think much of this is why it felt as though not as much happened.

Only the single dungeon dive, which was a little disappointing. One thing I love about these books are the insane dungeon themes and how Broccoli in particular manages to overcome them. Never just regular old monsters, always something unique and pun-worthy.

The narration by Reba Buhr is, as always, superb. Nothing more to add than I haven’t said in the past. No production issues I could note, no background noises or the like.

So will there be more weaponised friendship for me? Absolutely. Yes, it was a little slower than others, but the story is solid, the humour easy and inoffensive, and they leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and maybe in need of a hug from a bun.


Adventure, Humorous, Fantasy, Hugs, Dungeons
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