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The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi

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Review by: The Audiobook ReviewMiniatures, the Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi, is a bit of a mixed bag. I'd seen this one a few times but had opted not to drop a credit on it, so when it popped up for $1 in an Audible sale I looked at today, well, it was time to cough up. So what does one buck buy me? Plenty of stories in this short anthology of Scalzi's shorter works - from interviews with planets... er, former planets (or is Pluto a planet again? I lost track), possible timelines where Hitler met different fates, and how-to guides to get along with aliens and yogurt overlords.

I wouldn't go as far to say it was laugh-out-loud as I was led to believe from some reviews I had read. Perhaps Scalzi's humour isn't what I'm looking for. That said, they weren't terrible stories, and most of them had humour that, while it didn't make me chuckle, was amusing nonetheless.

The cast of various narrators was good. I couldn't put a finger on any and say that one was more outstanding than the others. Just a solid performance by the cast all around.

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So overall, happy to have spent the dollar on buying this one. May not have been as enthused if I had spent more. Unrelated to the overall set of stories itself beyond the obvious, I love the cover art!


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