The Time Traveler's Guide To Not Getting Caught

The Time Traveler’s Guide to NOT Getting Caught

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While not an audiobook, this is a podcast that’s in the same general area, so I figure it’s close enough for us! If you’re in the mood for short, absurd stories of a self-absorbed and clueless time traveller, then give this podcast a listen.

This is the story of how I found a time traveling watch behind a dumpster and my subsequent adventures through time as I make the world a better place…for me…and sometimes for other people as well…I mean, I have no doubt other people also benefited from the changes I made, so in some ways, it’s kind of the story of how I became the greatest hero of all time…as well as a guide for any of you who might wind up finding a time machine and becoming a time traveler.

The Time Traveler’s Guide to NOT Getting Caught

So, after finding a time travel device behind a dumpster, our hero decides to travel through time, mostly with the aim of getting laid. It’s not all sex, but there’s a lot. Well, a lot of trying and striking out, anyway.

When not screwing up his chances by using flash photography while at orgy with Socrates, he’s bumbling about with Leonardo da Vinci and his pals (who love nothing more than getting their dicks out). He does score 70,000 years in the past by knocking up a cavewoman, before ditching her for more adventures.

He uses the Biff Tannen method of creating wealth – betting on longshots in sports while knowing the results. Even with unlimited wealth, he’s still super cheap and complains if he has to buy a period-appropriate costume rather than just time travelling away from the shop with the goods.

So yeah, he’s not the most moral person, but he’s not an evil guy either. He’s more self-absorbed and unable to really think through the consequences of his actions. When he tries, he’s often pulled into tangents of thought.

With its somewhat low production value and cheesy sound effects, it’s not the most polished podcast available, but it certainly had me laughing along with the ridiculousness. For me, the audio seems a little hollow, but that could also just be my taste. Nevertheless, I have subscribed and eagerly waiting the next episode!

Check it out wherever you get your podcasts. Links to the obvious choices:

New episodes drop weekly on Thursdays (US).

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