I Survived Gettysburg

I Survived Gettysburg

Jack loved the Civil War. He scoured through his many books on the subject even more now that his sons had grown and he was alone. Needing to beat the boredom and depression, he decided to take a camping trip, and through a twist of fate, Gettysburg became not only his destination but where his destiny lie as well. Jack was certain that he could find a real showpiece to add to his meager collection of Civil War artifacts but his enthusiasm turned to terror when his search for a genuine relic led him to unexpected places where strange and awful events awaited him. The audiobook is a fully-immersive mystery thriller, combining elements of magical realism, science fiction, and historical, dramatised documentary. A time travel story about the adventures of a contemporary Ohio man, who, while visiting Gettysburg, PA, dons a genuine Confederate uniform that has a curse attached to it, and is transported back in time into the midst of the battle.

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I Survived Gettysburg



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