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Sand, by Hugh Howey, is a book I first read when it came out many years ago now on Kindle. I’d been a fan of Howey’s since stumbling on his Wool series just as the second book in the series […]

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[1 3] Pangea Online꞉ The Complete Trilogy꞉ Collected Editions
Review Fantasy

Pangea Online

Pangea Online, the entire trilogy collected into a single volume for a credit, sounded good in theory. I’d also read a lot of people gushing about how good the story is. I respectfully must disagree. Okay, so the first book

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[1] Dreadnought
Review Superhero


Dreadnought, written by April Daniels, revolves around fifteen-year-old Danny Tozer in a city where being a superhero is a legitimate job possibility. Designated at birth as male, Danny knows this is a mistake. She wants nothing more than to shed

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