Sand, by Hugh Howey, is a book I first read when it came out many years ago now on Kindle. I'd been a fan of Howey's since stumbling on his... read more

The Running Man

Revisiting an old favourite for the first time as an audiobook, The Running Man by Stephen King (published under Richard Bachman) is just as compelling now as when I first... read more


[Codes Available] As John Brighton is helping clean up his church one night, a distressed and frightened man shows up looking for help. John reluctantly decides to lend a hand... read more
UK Codes Available


[Codes Available] Destiny.... Charlie Boone's will be found on a cross country trip with a complete stranger, but why? Jake Mott, an ex-con convicted of murder, and Charlie Boone, a... read more
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Syncing Forward

Syncing Forward, by W. Lawrence, is some incredible science fiction. Slow and deliberate, depressing but a story of hope. We follow Martin James, who, due to circumstance, finds himself slowed... read more

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