[2] Liar King꞉ Tower Of Babel, Book 2

Liar King

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I’ve been holding off posting this review for some months because I wanted to see if book three ever eventuated. It looked like it came close once before disappearing from Amazon just as fast as the pre-order came. As such, some of this review is based on the story being abandoned. If it ever starts up again, I’ll revisit and revise this, but for now, that’s what I’ve got to work with.

This book was so much not like the first one, turned from a tower climb into a level event for the floor. All semblance of continuity with the first book essentially dropped away in favour of this new arc. Sure, the same characters are around from the first. Cayden is occasionally looking for new runes and supposedly “The White Knight”, too, but these garner barely a mention. Given he’s on a “Grand Quest” handed down by the Great Emperor himself (the mysterious creator of the tower), it seems odd to just abandon the idea.

Don’t get me wrong; the story is addictive.

Ultimately the book ends halfway through the level event, and since no more books have come out since 2018, we may never get a conclusion. It’s a shame because even though this book turned away almost entirely from the original premise, it was a decent story. Perhaps the level event was a larger part of the overarching story arc of the series, but unless the author picks it up again, we’ll never know.

I wouldn’t recommend getting this unless you like getting left in the lurch. I’ve recently found on the author’s Royal Road page new chapters posted a few months ago, so perhaps there is hope for this story after all. I sincerely hope the author does continue with this, as it’s a solid storyline I’d like to see more of.


Gamelit, LitRPG, Tower Climber
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