A Little Dog’s Adventures In A Big Dog’s World

A Little Dog’s Adventures in a Big Dog’s World

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I’ll freely admit that I’d not heard of the sport of Nose Work before this book. If you’re unfamiliar, nose work is a canine sport that taps into a dog’s natural scenting abilities, requiring them to search for specific odours in various environments.

Dogs are trained to detect target scents, such as essential oils or specific odours, and indicate their location to their handlers.

Not only does this give the dog plenty of mental stimulation, but as you’ll find in the memoir, it can foster a rewarding partnership between a dog and it’s human.

In this memoir, Suzanne Catalano chronicles her adventures in nose work with Winnie, her adorably cute puggle (a pug/beagle cross) and how they got started in the sport; from not knowing anything about it, trials and tribulations of finding the right trainers, through to winning ribbons and forging incredible bonds.

The book is filled with practical tips and valuable information, making it an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about nose work and how to get started in the sport.

I could honestly feel the love with which this book was written. Suzanne loves her dog, and all dogs really, with such genuine warmth and enthusiasm you can’t help but get swept up in it.

The narration by Rachael Doolen was good, if a little flat for my tastes. By this I mean it’s a fairly straight read, where I think a little more emotion behind the read at times could have worked to enhance the read. That’s a fairly minor thing in the scheme of things, though.

This was a nice, clean read (no noticeable production issues) with an easy to listen to voice and paced well. An easy to listen to voice, too, which is always a bonus!

If you’re looking for information about the sport of nose work, then this is a great start. Winnie is a very clever and adorable sniffer, and Suzanne relates her journey with much love and enthusiasm.

I must admit that this book as inspired me to look at my own dog (Ivy, a chocolate Labrador) in a new light. I’ll be watching her a little more closely as she sniffs her way around the yard or neighbourhood from now on and wonder just how different the world appears to her.

In conclusion, “A Little Dog’s Adventures in a Big Dog’s World” offers a heartwarming journey into the world of nose work, showcasing the deep bond between Suzanne Catalano and her beloved puggle, Winnie.

With practical advice, genuine enthusiasm, and heartfelt storytelling, this audiobook not only serves as an excellent introduction to the sport of nose work but also reminds us of the profound connections we share with our canine companions.

Whether you’re a dog lover, a sports enthusiast, or simply curious about exploring new activities with your furry friend, this audiobook is sure to leave you inspired and eager to embark on your own adventures.


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